We are an Open Startup

Mechanical Ink is an Open Startup™, which means it operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, including revenue, costs, users and traffic.

Mechanical Ink evangelizes the adoption and evolution of open web standards. Create educational material with a core focus on open web standards and accessibility. Support the sustainability of the open source ecosystem through investment, participation, and sharing stories of people and the projects they make.

Help remove barriers to entry for early-stage web developers by helping to co-creating a learning roadmap and a space where these developers can learn and share their journey.

Mechanical Ink believes in the transformative power of independent creators to create opportunities for themselves and others. As indie creators, we want to build tools and resources that enable other indie creators to focus on what they love.

All of this is guided by a deep love for our planet and helping to ensure an ethical future we would be proud to leave to the next generation.

Mechanical Ink Fixed Monthly Expenses
Expense Amount in ZAR Amount in US Dollar
DigitalOcean R741.00 $43.02
GitHub R630.00 $36.58
Afrihost R164.00 $9.48
RAIN 5G R999.00 $57.78
Riverside R327.26 $19.00
Headliner R447.65 $25.99
Polypane R200.00 $11.61
Freshbooks R440.00 $25.45
Fastmail R86.27 $5.00
1Password R100.00 $5.78
Medium.com R63.00 $3.64
Discord R85.00 $4.93
Google Storage R159.00 $9.20
Sanlam Provident Fund R563.50 $32.72
FNB Revolving Facility R1,467.40 $84.87
FNB Bank Account Fees R252.40 $14.57
Salaries R77,000.00 $4,453.27
Monthly income tax R9075.00 $524.85

NOTE: South African Rand and US Dollar amounts fluctuate with exchange rates. Some services are paid for in South African Rand and others in US Dollar.

Domains We Own
Domain Name
NOTE: Domains not linked above are future projects we have planned.
Monthly Financial Contributions to Open Source
Project Amount in ZAR Amount in US Dollar
Babeljs R86.12 $5.00
Evan You (Vuejs) R86.12 $5.00
The Mycelium Network R431.33 $25.00
web://workbook R862.66 $50.00

NOTE: South African Rand amounts fluctuate with exchange rates.

Mechanical Ink Team Monthly Salaries
Name Title Country Engagement Seniority Salary in ZAR Salary in US Dollar Joined
Schalk Neethling Founder, Maker South Africa Full-Time Founder R60,000.00 $3,483.50 Jan 1, 2022
Theresa Neethling Admin, Maker South Africa Full-Time Marketing R26,000.00 $1,509.51 Jan 1, 2022

NOTE: US Dollar amounts fluctuate with exchange rates.

Mechanical Ink Total Profit
Month Sales in ZAR Sales in US Dollar Expenses in ZAR Expenses in US Dollar Profit in ZAR Profit in US Dollar
January, 2022 R100,588.60 $5,830.14 R77,977.37 $4,519.58 R22,611.23 $1,310.55
February, 2022 R58,770.86 $3,406.37 R80,422.41 $4,661.30 -R21,615.55 -$1,252.84
March, 2022 R97,227.14 $5,635.30 R88,874.06 $5,151.16 R8,353.08 $484.15
April, 2022 R103,276.76 $5,985.94 R70,882.92 $4,108.39 R32,393.84 $1,877.55
May, 2022 R92,456.84 $5,358.82 R71,963.31 $4,171.01 R20,493.53 $1,187.81
June, 2022 R84,997.89 $4,926.49 R95,094.10 $5,511.67 -R10,096.21 -$585.18
July, 2022 R111,717.16 $6,475.15 R87,254.76 $5,057.30 R24,462.40 $1,417.85
August, 2022 R122,858.65 $7,120.91 R86,804.49 $5,031.21 R35,969.16 $2,084.78
September, 2022 R120,344.74 $6,975.21 R70,364.73 $4,078.35 R49,895.01 $2,891.92
October, 2022 R122,979.79 $7,127.93 R77,471.47 $4,490.26 R45,423.32 $2,632.74
November, 2022 R105,303.12 $6,108.10 R85,070.10 $4,907.26 R20,233.02 $1,167.14

NOTE: US Dollar amounts fluctuate with exchange rates.